Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, your business stays safe

It’s impossible to prevent a disaster from happening, whether natural or manmade. You cannot stop a storm from flooding your business, a critical file being accidentally deleted, or a database server from crashing. As a business, you must recognize that disasters do happen and can dismantle your company if you don’t have a solid data backup and recovery plan in place. 

Eugene Networks delivers IT Support in Lane County that safeguards your business with the most current and advanced technologies thus preventing downtime, unproductive labor and revenue loss. With constant monitoring and daily management, we are able to ensure effective execution and preparedness for potential data loss and disaster recovery support. 

Data Backup Services

  • Cost-effective protection of critical business data 
  • Encrypted, safe and secure data transfer and storage 
  • Eliminate storage and transport of bulky and obsolete data tapes 
  • Compliance with federal regulations 
  • Data recovery driven by the end-user or system administrator 
  • Fast recovery times 
  • Restore entire volume or specific files, emails or folders 
  • Back up opened files and Active Directory 

Disaster Recovery Support

  • Backups are automated and synced securely offsite 
  • Eliminate the hassle of tape archives 
  • Protection from fire, theft, sabotage and natural disasters 
  • Data encrypted at leading data centers 
  • Configurable recovery point objectives (RPOs) 

Business Continuity

  • Configurable frequency of disk image versioning 
  • Saves time, complete server or desktop disk images to restore to different hardware 
  • Spin up virtual cloud-based servers 
  • Fail over to backup appliances